Andes Scientific Instruments is committed to develop technology to care water as a vital and scarse resource on Earth. We have developed, in collaboration with Prof. Francisco Suárez Turbuvap, an instrument suite for measuring water evaporation from large extensions of land. This can be used on any type of terrain, since it is an optical, non-invasive instrument. It is of particular interest for agriculture, where evaporation rate is unknown variable and watering can be optimized for saving water. We also offer optical instruments and software for agricultural processes. Two new developments are GrapeVision and Opto-Grape Caliper: GrapeVision is a mobile App for automatic grape counting, using Deep Learning algorithms. Opto-Grape Caliper is an optical device for measuring and classifying table grapes caliper automatically. These two instruments can significantly improve productivity of table grape producers. Details of each instrument will be added here soon.